RECENT ESSENTIAL RELEASES NEW INTERVIEW Fr. BIO DHARMA SOUND INTERVIEW Eng. AWARD" Thank You for sharing your talent, I feel blessed to know you in this life. Keep your music alive !It sounds great and I feel your heart and soul in all that you do and share with the word. I can honestly say you're the best thinkI've ever heard..." Will - United Kingdom
ORGONIA by Gervay Brio Special Tribute to Doctor Wilhelm Reich discoverer of ORGONE or Vital Energy : Following my song “Healing Messenger”, In these times where authorities wants to control by health, I feel natural to pay hommage to this man, fighting for the truth and real healing therapy, who paid hardly with his life. Since my youth I’have been a student and admirer of this revolutionary scientist, who teach us the power of Life and the perversity of its ennemies. Last scandal about Professor Raoult in France remember us that it’s still relevant today ! The real “virus” is the “emotional plague”, consequence of “genital orgastic impotence” worst poison of Humanity since centuries, making people neurotic and sick, used by irrational religions and politics. Here u listen the voice of Wilhelm Reichin extracts of a speech he did in Orgonon in 1952, realizing his loneliness in his work and environment (full speech is in the video description). That will bring him to jail where he will die in 1957, under the maccarthysme inquisition criminals. His incredible work and courage remains a treasure for Humanity beyond time and space. I discovered this 1999 Oranur production color footage “It Can Be Done” by John East who illustrate the last part of Wilhelm Reich life, I want deeply thank them & the great actors. I remix it with effects and my futuristic ElectrOrgone House Music, to create an attractive way to ear WR speech today, as to more people discovering the work of this hero. Gervay Brio “ When there will be no more happy lovers, the sky will lose its color.” Wilhelm Reich
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" Elegance " Wilbert Hintz " Lord of Social media " David May " Stunning great ! " Kathryn Griffin " Great, You inspire me every time " Stanley Penton " Sweet, it is Such a pretty video " Charles Ketcham " Thank You for the great music ! I love it ! " Jayson " Awesome I almost died too for a quick second ! " Jesus Sample " What are you up to, I can't leave it, keep videoing..." Jerry Tucker " God damn Classic, I Love you Blessings from Miami, Florida " Betty Cheney " Stoppppp itttttt. This is hot fire FUUUULLLLAAAMMMEEESSS!!! " Andre Taylor " You are honestly the Best person I have ever seen , like wow..... Since day 1 ! I loved all the videos you share " Scott Gipson " Hey, I personally think that it shows that you are more musically gifted as you can bring us different kinds of music than just playing the same thing tune after tune. I like your music very much because of its diversity and you are not tryin' to repeat yourself or any artist out there. I appreciate the creativity you put into your music style. From a true fan of all your music." Christian
" Maestro Dj & Guitar Hero in One ! " Dj Magna - USA " Healing Messenger what a good tune ! Much respect and admiration. Its a blessing to hear something like this when one starts to think: are we really inspired enough these days ? Thank You ! " Patrick F. - Canada NEW WORLDWIDE RELEASE SINGLE & CLIP IN A TIME OF CONFUSION OF DISEASE AND DELUSION LET’S WAKE UP TO THE LIGHT IN A GLORIOUS HUMAN FIGHT LIKE THE SUN AFTER THE RAIN LET’S BE FREE FROM OUR PAIN BRANDISHING THE PRECIOUS SWORD TO MAKE IT A BETTER WORLD RISING UP FROM THE DARKNESS IN A BRIGHTFULL ONENESS OF ALL BEINGS FEELING WYSDOM AND BUILDING A NEW KINGDOM Gervay Brio - Healing Messenger ©2020 Dedicated to Victims & Fighters of Disease
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